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Somos un equipo pequeño y nos gustaría ayudarlo a enseñar mejor. Mueva el cursor sobre nuestras fotos para ver quiénes somos.

Mi nombre es Istvan Jaromi, y soy un desarrollador de backend. Codifico nuevas características y corrijo errores.

Soy Szelina Szigeti, y soy desarrollador de frontend para iSLCollective. Eso significa que estoy trabajando en cómo se ven las cosas en el sitio.

Soy Benedek Princz, cofundador de iSLCollective y Chief Technical Officer (CTO), quien administra nuestro equipo de desarrolladores.

Soy Peter Laszlo, cofundador de iSLCollective y jefe de desarrollo de productos. Estoy a cargo de presentar nuevas ideas de funciones y diseñarlas y supervisar su producción, como nuestras nuevas lecciones de video.

Soy Adam Laszlo, también cofundador de iSLCollective. Soy el CFO, y mi principal trabajo es gestionar nuestros asuntos legales, financieros y de recursos humanos.

Mi nombre es Zsuzsa Kiss. Soy su ayudante de asistencia. Si tiene alguna pregunta o problema, puede contactarme en info [at] islcollective [dot] com, y estaremos encantados de ayudarle.

Soy Szabolcs Simonyi, desarrollador de backend. Al igual que Istvan, codigo nuevas funciones y realizo correcciones de errores.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message



Peter Laszlo

Actually, the most difficult project of my life. Two years of hard work so far! Season after season it seemed like we were just months from the launch, yet again and again we bumped into unexpected problems - technical and other -, which kept setting us back and tested our patience and budget big time. But at last we're doing - big sigh! - the final testing of our upcoming new site and preparing for public launch (see sneak peeks below).

Due to the long delays, however, our finances suffered awfully. More than ever we depend on your generous support of our mission: to offer a treasure trove of free language teaching resources for all situations: paper worksheets in class, online worksheets for remote work and interactive video quizzes. This fundraiser is super important: we need to shore up our finances urgently! 

If the price of a coffee is not too much for you, we'd be grateful if you would show us that you think our work is worthy. In return, we promise you will soon see - instead of a patched up, cranky old site - a modern and beautiful one that is going to serve you guys for the next decade.

Bless up,

Peter Laszlo, co-founder



If you cannot afford the price of a coffee right now, don't feel bad. You can also be part of this amazing global collective by contributing a worksheet you made or creating a video quiz!

  • Jasminka2662 Jasminka2662
    "This site is quite helpful and supports me in my German lessons as a teacher. I support this site every time. You can get here a lot helpful things free of cost. I'm such a big fan and thankful for such a page!"
    "I chose to be a sponsor, because when I was searching very good materials for my students, I found many high quality different worksheets. These are categorized and colourful worksheets. Then, it is easy to find them and funny to work with my students. And the collaboration is accessible for our economies in South America. That's why you should also consider becoming a sponsor."
  • santonin santonin
    "I think it is only fair that hard work and dedication should be rewarded. I have been happy to post worksheets (a few) and to download other teachers' productions (loads) for the last 3 years. By becoming a modest sponsor I wished to support this collective commitment."
  • amarie37 amarie37
    "ISLCollective is a wonderful site where teachers from all over the world can share their documents. It is not only very useful for the teachers themselves but it also means that the quality of written and spoken English by their students is constantly improving. Thanks a lot for ISLCollective, it remains unequalled until this day. That's why I am sponsoring You."
  • ALiebeskind ALiebeskind
    "Hello, I have been a user of iSLCollective for a couple of years. I often find useful worksheets for my students. For me it is a huge help to be a member of iSLCollective and I think it is important to support Peter Laszlo and his colleagues, because it takes them a lot of work to operate the site and everybody can use this amazing resource for free. Thank you so much!!! ;-))"
  • lemonpie lemonpie
    "I have been working with children from early learning up to 9th grade, teaching German as a second language. I became a sponsor because discovering islcollective really made a difference for my teaching prep and also allowed for more diversification in the classroom as I could make use of the great variety of teaching materials. In addition, I learned from the materials and became more creative in designing my own lesson plans. So, thanks a lot to the site and all the teachers who upload their worksheets. "
  • "For me, sponsoring iSLCollective was an opportunity to support a thriving community of engaged users and contributors. I personally found plenty of very useful materials and, in some cases, almost perfectly suited for my online classes. What I appreciate is the versatility of materials provided by experienced teachers and tutors of English. By becoming a sponsor I wanted to say 'Thank you' for their time, great ideas, creative approach to teaching and the will of sharing these with the rest of the community."
  • kifissia kifissia
    "I sponsor iSLCOLLECTIVE because it literally changed my life. At first it was a source of fantastic materials for my students for reinforcement, test review, and fun. Later on I felt challenged by the creativity of the contributors and tried my hand at creating worksheets myself. I was able to unleash my unknown creative powers through worksheet and power point creations. It was through tutorials posted by other members and communication with them that I slowly learned how to make materials. iSL is also a community of teachers worldwide and we often exchange our thoughts and well wishes. In addition the site continually evolves and I believe is the best and most attractive source of teaching materials on the web."
  • "Unfortunately I don't teach anymore but I was so greatful for all those beautiful different sorts worksheets. And I think everybody should consider sponsoring because, let's face it, nothing is for free. There are big charges just for running your website and if not us, who else should participate on paying. Thank you""
  • bluzey bluzey
    "iSLCollective offers a wide range of teacher worksheets and a very useful selection interface. There are resources to match most topics and situations at a variety of levels. The worksheet contributors have unique and interesting styles and experience. We are able to utilize iSLCollective materials in the teaching of elementary and intermediate classes of immigrants to Australia."

The new website has the same uploading and downloading system, but with a sleak new design and some new functions (PDF download, new search functions, e.g. author search). Importantly, the worksheets have been re-categorized and combed through for quality, which we hope will make it easier to find what you need. 


New front page: All three resources types (worksheets, powerpoints, video quizzes) featured

Search results page: You can easily clear any filter individually or all filters

Search filter panel: new categorization (Language goals, pedagogical goals) and ew options (e.g., author search)

New worksheet page

Upload page: You start by selecting a file, then you get to the tagging form


FAQ y ayuda

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Puedes seleccionar una cantidad mensual que será cargada a tu cuenta todos los meses o puedes hacer una única donación. Estamos los más felices con las donaciones periódicas, las que significan que nos autorizas para cargar automaticamente tu cuenta de Paypal o tu tarjeta de crédito en todos los meses – hasta que los cierres. Entonces si estás pensando en donar 15 euros una vez, o 3-5 euros en cada mes, por favor elige una monta más pequeña pero mensual. Naturalmente, somos agredecidísimos por las donaciones de una vez también!
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Para cualquier pregunta, contacta con nosotros en info [arroba]islcollective[punto]com o en el número de teléfono +36 30 638 7470.

I. Me considero daros una monta pequeña en cada mes. Esto cómo funciona?

1. Donación mensual

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Traducción por morewk. Gracias! :)

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hace 1 año hace tiempo

Hola, hola. En alicantexiste.es estoy seguro de que encontraréis toda la información sobre Alicante que necesitáis si vais a visitar esta bonita ciudad. A mí me ha ayudado mucho a descubrir sus rincones.

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¡Hola Alejandra!

Antes que nada, mis disculpas por responderte tan tarde. Mi consejo es que cada vez que veas un error en alguna hoja de trabajo se lo comuniques a la autora de forma privada

hace 3 años hace tiempo

Hola a todos, soy profesora de español y hablante nativo. Me preocupa mucho ver tantos errores en las hojas de trabajo publicadas.

hace 4 años hace tiempo
reply to Marite66's post #6

Estimado colega,

Puede darnos más detalles sobre el problema? Haremos lo posible para ayudarle.



iSLCollective Team

hace 4 años hace tiempo
Hola tengo problemas para pagar mi donación, qué puedo hacer?
hace 4 años hace tiempo
hola que tal... quisiera hacer una donación pero no cuento con ningún tipo de tarjeta bancaria entonces ¿como puedo realizarla? puede ser mediante un depósito en alguna cuenta?
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Me pueden enviar su cuenta, prefiero hacer donaci´n directa.