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  • Practical Work - 2nd Juniors  - Trabajos ELE
    Practical Work - 2nd Juniors
    Practical work - Starter Unit. Content: verb to be, have got, countries and nationalities, there is there are, possessive 's, personal ...
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  • Who's who - Trabajos ELE
    Who's who
    De MireiaCiclos
    This document is use to practice countries and nationalities, professions, short sentences and descriptions. Search interesting informat...
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    De mayteled
    Es una canción muy motivadora y a la vez aprendés español, que es una lengua preciosa. Tiene palabras muy básicas que puedes aprender a p...
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  • Commercial English Dialogue - Trabajos ELE
    Commercial English Dialogue
    De Meibis
    the main objective of this conversation is for the students to practice and improve their pronunciation using a commercial context. The w...
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  • Team work - Trabajos ELE
    Team work
    De ThamaraGR
    Ask your students to work in pairs. Give the student A the complete family tree, and to student B the empty one. Students will ask and an...
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  • Joints - Trabajos ELE
    De pjsanchez25
    In this worksheet there is human body. You must look, write and colour in blue the joints: Neck, shoulder, wrist, hip, ankle, knee and el...
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  • past perfect continuous - Trabajos ELE
    past perfect continuous
    De bengala
    in this worksheet student will learn past perfect continuous. first they will complete the sentences with the correct verb in parentheses...
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  • la playa - Trabajos ELE
    la playa
    De Infantaspb
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  • Chanson toi et moi Guillaume Grand - Trabajos ELE
    Chanson toi et moi Guillaume Grand
    De Fannyh
    Fiche pour travailler la chanson toi et moi de Guillaume Grand. Permet de travailler les pronoms toniques, les verbes vouloir et pouvoir ...
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  • Elements of a tale chart - Trabajos ELE
    Elements of a tale chart
    De Karliz
    Read a tale and write its elements in the following chart. This is intended to test students´comprehension in short texts and review vo...
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  • Voldemort's spell - Trabajos ELE
    Voldemort's spell
    De Aiacos83
    This Harry Potter themed worksheet is related to vocabulary of school and education as well as elementary adjectives, although students c...
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