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Dear Colleague,

I would like to ask for a little help. We have a new page about a new offering we have: certificates for authors. I would like to have it translated into our other languages, since the text only exists in English at the moment. If you could help us translate it into German or other languages, that would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
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When I can have access, I'll do it Peter.

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Hello Peter, I offer you my services for translations spanish/french/spanish, and if some day you decide on Italian, since also. Excuse my English, is very bad!! Best regards.
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An observation, if you allow it to me. The word "proyectable" does not exist in Spanish. Real Academia Española www.rae.es
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The word is "Diapositiva"
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The same thing happens with the word "imprimible". While some some dictionary on line gives this translation for "printable" and " it is understood", this words are not recognized by RAE /proyectable and imprimible/ With our work we want to help in the learning of the Spanish language, because of it I think that we must be consistent and not to use non-existent words. Thank you!!
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Thanks, Maria. I changed it to Diapositivas (in plural).

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