Created by Péter László
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In the first episode of Shaun the Sheep, a cabbage falls off a truck and the sheep play soccer with it. This 6-minute video lesson has 11 multiple choice grammar drill questions to practice negation (negatives) in the past simple. I tried to avoid making the task too robotic, so sometimes students need to use the positive form, instead of the negative. All but one questions focus on the "didn't" form. There is one instance of "wasn't". As a follow-up, you can get students to continue the negative statements with 'and', 'because', or 'so', e.g. The sheep didn't find the cabbage at first ---> because it got lost in the thick fleece of the other sheep. Or: The driver almost didn't notice the duck ---> and almost knocked it over. You can also have several rounds, and make up rules, e.g. students may only finish the sentence with 'because'. I recommend it for primary school students who are at Elementary level (A1) in English.
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