In a new series of video tutorials, we'll teach you how to use our web-based video quiz maker tool and incorpprate video quizzes in your classes. This time we’ll show you how to create a picture dictionary quiz in a few minutes. In our experience this game is a great hit with lower-level students, too. You can use it to:

--Practice vocab: e.g. "Click the newspaper"
--Practice e.g. prepositions: e.g. "Click the item on the left of the armchair on the floor"
--Practice circumlocution: e.g. "Click the item where you can find news and articles"

Hope you'll enjoy the video and try creating a picture dictionary yourself or use one of the many existing quizzes created by other teachers!

Anna Csíky, iSLCollective Teacher Trainer

Pedir direcciones

ealvarado37 January 08, 2019

Descripción de la tarea y resumen de la escena

Descripción de la tarea :
Vocabulario sobre pedir direcciones en la ciudad de mexico que estan pidiendo direcciones
Resumen de la escena:
Dos jovenes se pierden pidiendo direcciones y tienen que pedir direcciones a otras personas
Video length: 6 minutes 45 seconds
Video genre: Edu video or lecture, (e.g. amateur educational video, TedEd, TED talk)
Tipo de lección: Comprensión auditiva básica - Comprobación de la audición ("¿Puedes distinguir las palabras que se dicen?")
Tipo de estudiante:
Licencia de derechos de autor: Creative Commons Atribución- no derivados de licencia
Publicado por primera vez: 2019-01-08, 17:37:47 (GMT+1)

Sobre el Autor

Preguntas del cuestionario (imprimible)

1) "Nos vemos allí" means:

  • See you there
  • Where are you?

2) "Esperar" means to:

  • to be in a hurry
  • to wait

3) "Tienes prisa?" means:

  • Are you in a hurry?
  • Do we have time?

4) "Parar" means to:

  • Continue
  • To stop

5) "Quedar" in this case means to:

  • Be located.
  • To stop

6) "La esquina" and "doblar" means:

  • "corner" and "to turn around"
  • "Block" and "Continue"

7) "Cruce de calles" means"

  • Block
  • Intersection

Sobre el Autor


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ñuchqs grqciqsm es bueno el video.